The official bio is this: 


We are in our mid 30s.

We started our FI journey in 2016, a year after we married. We are a two income household. We live in Denver, CO.

Our strategy is simple – save and invest one income (in S&P 500 tracking index funds, primarily VTSAX). 

We track our expenses, but do not keep a budget. We spend where we must, but are, by nature, not wanting for much.

We do not side hustle.

We’re hoping to reach FI in 2025 (in 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 years). 

I’d like to continue working after FI – either take up a more exciting job, or a less demanding one, or do multiple part time jobs.

My wife plans to work less hours, go part time if she feels like it and spend more time with our daughter. 

The idea is to have the option to do what we like. That’ll include lots of travelling, reconnecting and spending time with family and friends, building new relationships, pursuing old and new interests, and raising our daughter. 


Disclaimer: gofi [go-fee] logs our FI journey and claims no financial expertise of any kind. So proceed, as you would anywhere, with caution. We update our numbers every week. You can email us at gofi@gofi.io or tweet @gofi_io (though we’re not very active on it).

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