10/07/2021: We want to travel every year going forward.  Looking back, it’s incredible we took  as many trips as we did – stretching every which way, all over the US, many of which I’m unable to recall now.

From memory, of those I can recall at the moment, and not in order, between 2015 – 2020, we saw Chicago, Nashville, Ashville, Smokey Mountains, Cincinnati, Toronto, Boston, Indianapolis, Puerto Rico, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Moab, Mt. Rushmore, San Francisco, London, Paris and Versailles.

Beginning 2021, I’m keeping a log of our vacations – cities and countries we visit so that we can reminisce when we’re older. 2021 is the first time our daughter ‘vacationed’, so it’s a good starting point. So here goes the list:

July 2021: Cancun, Mexico
Oct 2021: Boston, USA*
Oct 2022: Nepal / India
Oct 2023: Iceland / Japan / Banff

In the Plans:
2022: Italy / Japan / India / Switzerland / DC, NJ, NY / Road trips in Canada – to Banff, Calgary then further north.

Bucket list:
New Zealand / Australia, South East Asia (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos), Turkey, Egypt, Switzerland, Wild Life tours in Africa

*Not all of us went.