what gofi has in mind for 2021

Years ago, an incredibly successful friend, I’d met after many years, revealed to me how he thought I’d have reached much higher grounds by then. He meant well. I had meandered in my ways. Many years on, I still take the easier, less risky path.

Much of it has to do with my upbringing. My folks are sober, quite people who shun flamboyance. I’ve inherited those qualities. So when footballers celebrate touchdowns (they way they do), I find those exaggerated and distasteful.

Over the years, I’ve learnt not to judge, and to keep an open mind. Get on with the game, will you? Or dance, if that floats your boat.

So while I have healthy roots, I have not grown wings. I’m setting a few attainable goals to rectify this. And tracking them to keep me straight. I’m not shooting for the stars.

I plan to sleep earlier (9:30), eat more fiber, less carbs and walk more (then run, baby permitting). I must weigh 155 lbs by year end, and a runner in a few years.

We plan to max our retirement accounts: 2 Roths and 2 401Ks ($12,000 + $39,000 = $51,000). Then push whatever remains to our taxable non-retirement accounts. In sum, one income must be saved, and then a bit more if it’s not hurting. See portfolio updates for our allocation breakdown.

I must learn everyday, on all things data – machine learning, better techniques, best practices. This is my long term investment. I must have done some machine learning work by year end.

I’ll spend more time with my wife and daughter, call my parents regularly. I’ll smile often, listen more, talk slowly and clearly, and watch less TV.

I will not fear change, switch jobs if that advances long term prospects. And I will certainly not compare myself to others.

To grit, guts and ambition.

I track my goals here.

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