Portfolio Update – Q2 ’19

Our YTD numbers look good. We rode the market that’s up a magnificent 18.25% YTD. While our 13.57% YTD increase still trails by 4+%, we’ll take what we got and carry on with our Bogle ways.

Our stock to bond split stands at an aggressive 83.18% to 7.91%. Almost all our stock holdings are in index funds – VTSAX/VTI for our non-retirement/taxable accounts and US Stock Index Funds provided by our 401K providers (WellsFargo for me and Fidelity for Mrs. Gofi).

We have smaller holdings in VYM and Betterment (70%-30% split). All our bond exposure come via our Betterment allocation.

We hold 6.35% of our net worth in VMMXX – this is our emergency fund. But we’re willing to use it sparingly whenever the market’s down a percent or near abouts.

We maxed our Roth IRA accounts earlier this year. We’ll max our 401Ks mid-way through Q3. Once those are done, we’ll contribute to our non-retirement accounts, splitting evenly between VMMXX and VTSAX.

Non-Financial updates:

I want a side hustle. I’m not quite sure how to go about free lancing, and I’m not convinced if Uber’s good on the long run. I want to build on the skills I have, build an intellectual wealth that’ll help me at my work today, and something I can consult or freelance in the future.

While I see value in doing something that is completely unrelated to work, I don’t want to stretch myself thin at the moment. I want to do a few things, but do them well.

I haven’t been very good at blogging either – because better (and motivated) bloggers have already communicated all aspects of FIRE, from all possible angles. For now, I keep this blog to log our progress (expenses, dividends, personal goal).

I’m hoping that someday I can re-direct gofi.io into something more eager and engaging.

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