Portfolio Update – Q1 ’19

If you’re a Boglehead, you’re probably up 10-13% YTD. We continue to track the S&P 500 through both our retirement and non-retirement accounts. We trail the market by 3% — 10% to the S&P 500s 13%. Our stock to bond split stands at 79% to 8.81%. The rest sit in VMMXX that we call our emergency fund.

Our retirement accounts hold US Stock Index Funds provided by WellsFargo (for me) and Fidelity (for my wife). We maxed one Roth IRA account for the year and will max the other by year end. Betterment holds our Roth IRA accounts and our allocation is split at 90% – 10% (stocks-bonds). Given these are retirement accounts that will remain untouched for a few decades, we are comfortable with the aggressive split.

Our non-retirement (taxable) savings is primarily in VTSAX. We have smaller holdings in VYM and Betterment (70%-30%).

All our bond exposure come via our Betterment allocation. 

Our plan forward is to max our retirement accounts again. Then split the rest between VMMXX and VTSAX.

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