Portfolio Update – Q4 2018

Happy New Year, Friends. We hope you had a wonderful 2018 (despite the recent slip) and hope future years are steadier.

As for us, we were diligent savers this year. We lived on one income and saved the other (more or less). We maxed both our Roth IRA and 401K accounts, and while we don’t reveal our numbers, this one’s easy to calculate: $48,000.

We looked well set to exceed our savings goal for the year before the correction (?) set in last month. According to Personal Capital, we’re down 6.63% for the year (which is in line with S&P 500 that fell by 6.24%).

We didn’t sell – we’re not going to. We did, however, pull away from investing to start an emergency fund (VMMXX) earlier this year.

Our plan forward is to max our retirement accounts again next year. Then split the rest between VMMXX and VTSAX.

Our stock to bond split stands at 77.6% to 10.4%. All our bond holding comes via Betterment (see stock to bond split in the picture above). Almost all our funds are in low cost index funds (allocation breakdown is also in the picture above).

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