what gofi has in mind for 2019

A sharp mind and a healthy body, in short. I’ll walk, read and write.

In 2019,
I want to be able to run a mile without break, be leaner than I am
We’ll hike, the Mrs. and I – 3 14er’s the goal
We need to learn to love the outdoors.

In 2019,
I want to be great with Data – DAX, M, SQL, Excel
and end the year with some degree of comfort in Python
I want to be creative and unafraid

I also need to read. I read 12 books this year – I need to up that by a few more.

I certainly need to write – a story a month to make it to 12 by year end and call it my first book.
I finally have a story that ends.
I’ll write it in the spirit of Rule 17, Principles of Composition, The Elements of Style by Strunk and White: “Omit needless words” (I’ll need to follow the grammar as well).

All through,

We’ll FIRE along, as true Bogleheads
We’ll make more friends, call on old ones, and be closer to our families.

In queue for next week, Q4 portfolio.

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