The official bio is this: 

As of Feb, 18: We are in our 30s and hoping to reach FI in 2026 (in 9, 8 years). We started our FI journey in 2015, a year after we married. While I was aware of FIRE before that, I started to appreciate it only later.

My wife is a registered nurse and I a Data Analyst. We live in Denver, CO. 

We update our numbers about twice a month. You can email us at gofi@gofi.io, or tweet @gofi_io (though we’re not very active on it).

Disclaimer: gofi [go-fee] logs our journey to FI (financial independence), and claims no financial expertise of any kind. gofi stands for GO-FI, and as FI is really a lifestyle choice, it may go all over the place. So proceed, as you would anywhere, with caution.