The ducks have come

A quiet and modest life brings more joy than a pursuit of success bound with constant unrest – Einstein

This is not an existential bout. I am settled on the question of my being (the pursuit is not pointless but can be) and what is important to me. The hut is not for me, nor is any faith. I intend to walk ordinarily, and leave a long trail. People and their stories are important to me. The well-being of the world is important to me.

gofi is a side hustle that claims no financial expertise. It will log our journey to financial independence. And as financial independence is really a lifestyle choice, gofi will document that as well.

My wife and I are ordinary folks. I’m 34, she’s 32. We live in Denver. We live in a small townhome and drive a Honda fit. We are not frugal, but we live simply. On weekdays, we use public transportation.

My wife and I will journey this together. I will be the primary editor of this site. Please join us in our journey.

We are on a quest to become FI by 2027 so that we can:

  • Teach (we’ll start with India or Bhutan)
  • Adopt two children
  • Support our parents
  • Become a serious writer (in my head, I’m PG Wodehouse – rotund and decent, once a good sportsman, now content with walking)
  • Travel
  • Give It All Away

gofi stands for go financial independence, but may go all over the place. So proceed, as you would anywhere, with caution.

To that end – gofi, go prudence.