what gofi has in mind for 2020

Perseverance, guts
because anything worth doing is worth doing well
I’ll keep learning, because the summit will never be in sight.

And that’s ok –
I’d like to be smart, in all ways, in the best of ways.

I’d like to be healthier
cut down on sugar and chips, fast intermittently
sleep enough, salads and fruits
walk, exercise, perhaps even get back to sports
shed ten pounds to get to 155 by year end.

I’d like to be great at what I do
more python – machine learning even
dig deeper into excel – dax and M
and I must make room for SQL, may be GIT
there are techniques and statistics to open to
I need to dig deeper and spread wider – both,
It will be difficult but it is necessary.

I’ll need to write more, read more,
make new friends and call on old ones,
rebuild bridges that were once so strong,
and move on from those that shouldn’t matter
the Joneses must be let go.

I’ll love my wife, my parents
I’ll smile, I’ll listen
I’ll sing, pick my guitar,
learn to sketch
cause I have that feeling I’d be ok.

I must make the most of myself
because there is just so much
that to waste any of it would be tragic
and because there’ll always be more for next year
It’s time I build steady steps.



Past Goals: 2019, ~2012 (I think)
And some inspiring quotes to go with those.

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