Portfolio Update – Q3 ’19

We’re still decent YTD – up 13% to S&P’s 18.82%.

Our stock to bonds splits at 80% to 7%. Our holdings continue to be in index funds – VTSAX/VTI for our non-retirement/taxable accounts and US Stock Index Funds provided by our 401K providers – these will not change. We increased our cash reserves (VMMXX) to a healthy 10%. 

We maxed our 401Ks in Q3. We’d maxed our Roth IRA accounts earlier this year. For the rest of the year, we’ll contribute to our non-retirement accounts, splitting evenly between VTSAX and VMMXX.

Non-Financial updates:

I set a few goals at the beginning of the year. I try to learn something new every day – these are usually minute, but compounding works with knowledge as well. 

I picked up Python in March, and immediately started applying it to my work. I’m happy with my progress and I could not part with it now. I continue to hold on to Excel. I think it is the most underrated of all data tools,  and underrated mostly by those who have either not used it or know how powerful it is. Often things that look easy are discounted. I will always be grateful on how it has opened a whole new world to me. 

At the start of the year, my wife and I decided not to pay for gym since our neighborhood has some nice parks to walk around. I also started walking to work (2.5 mile one way, 5 miles a day). But that started to be a little inconvenient (walk in the sun, change in office, etc). So I joined a gym and I’m very glad I did. There is a lot to be said about being in the right environment.

Update: 9/17, I ran a 12 minute mile non-stop for the first time. 9/23, I ran 2 miles / 25 minutes for the first time. I was always a fast runner, but I could never do the distance and/or time. I realize I just need to run slow (for now). 

A few things are still amiss – I’m still not blogging enough. I’m not side-hustling, writing, playing the guitar or a sport. I used to do all these. I need to re-start these. 

In the end, I want to make the most of myself – not because I want to be better than someone else, or make more money. These are a lot sweeter when they just happen. There will also always be people better than me and keeping a competitive mindset is ultimately unhealthy. 

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