Bullshit Jobs (I’m yet to climb my mountain)

This one’s wonderful – NPR’s Hidden Brain on BullShit jobs.Ā 

May be why we have open offices, and hypocritical (of me) to post it on a Tuesday morning. But I actually wrote this yesterday šŸ™‚

I’m all for efficiency – and I’m learning to space my work a bit. Weather it does anyone any good in the office (of the regular kind) is a purely subjective matter. Suffice to listen first, then act on it. Best to be efficient but refrain from burning down.

It looks like you have bandwidth this week – may or may not be a good thing coming from my manager this morning.

What do you say?

While I’m (sort of) settled now, my take was this once:

A new bout of existential crisis
amidst my labor
that is not entirely misplaced
nor entirely misguided
treads slowly still.

A reformation is overdue,
no, not doctrinally ā€“
but to accept and surrender
may be the truth.

Or not ā€“

Iā€™m yet to climb my mountain.

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