Pharma Cost, Reckless People

My wife and I decided to get her prescription of 42 Enoxaparin injections in batches of 10. The first 10 at the hospital cost us $260 – about 10 hours of work for a person making $50K a year.

A good doctor suggested we try goodrx. We tried the app and the next batch of 10 injections came for $60. We were ecstatic.

Then the other day, I went to Walmart to get the remaining 22 injections with the same coupon and I let the pharmacist know so. He went ahead and used his own app where the deal had apparently changed. It was now $60 for the remaining 22 injections.

Over a period of 3 weeks, the medication went from $26 to $6 to $2.7 per injection.

This is mind boggling. Then to think that even $2.72 per injection is most likely very profitable. I do not follow politics, but I realize why healthcare needs major revamping.

This experience reaffirmed for me the power of information. Those who have it gain from it.

But what do we make of those that don’t use information even when they have it?

People flocked inside the Walmart, leisurely and unmasked. Entire families with children, many herding to the non-essential areas.

The recklessness, selfish behavior is insulting to all the brave people who’re currently fighting to the curb the spread.

The Walmart employee, positioned at the entrance to limit the number of people entering and to clean the carts with the blue antiseptic bucket next to him, was doing neither. All along a loud speaker in the parking lot claimed to be taking those very steps, among others.

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