Uber’s not for me

I drove Uber for a few days last year – just for kicks, and quickly realized my time was better spent elsewhere. I drove for 8 hours, spread across 4 days and made $151. Shockingly, only 3 of the 17 riders tipped.  The tippers included a nice lady from New Mexico, a younger woman from […]

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Our lives are better, and will be – a lot has to do with what these have done. Our favorite FI Blogs: Financial Samurai Mr. Money Moustache JL Collins WhereWeBe Go Curry Cracker My Money Blog And Podcasts: Dave Ramsey Stacking Benjamins Mad Fientist Clark Howard Fire Drill Podcast Choose FI Millionaire Unveiled

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Porto Update

Asset Allocation, Q1 2018  (as of Apr 18) The spread between our taxable and tax-adv accounts currently stand at 61% and 39% respectively. Since we will not be accessing our tax-adv accounts until later in life, we are comfortable with this mix at the moment. Our stocks to bonds split stands at a moderately aggressive […]

Conversations with Mrs. Gofi

My sisters are visiting us over thanksgiving. How long are they staying with us? Three days. Can they sleep on the floor? *** I’d like to set aside some money for when I go out with my sisters, she tells me. That, sexy girl, has to come out of the 2% we’ve allocated for recreation. You […]

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