My wife had a conference call with her sisters a few days back. Someone they know had recently made good on Bitcoin and was celebrating in Hawaii.

We could’ve been in Hawaii, she tells me.

We could’ve paid off the house.

Looking back, I’m not sure if missing the bull was all that bad. If I had struck gold when I was younger, I would probably not have been what I am today.

I would not know who my true folks are –

I’m wiser today. My resolutions (on people and events) stand on firmer ground today. A few things are important to me. Those are honest and must be met.

That said, we reached our financial goal for this year earlier this month – so we’ll jump with the extra money we have. Our natural risk taking nature has come out – and thank god we know it.

This is our gold rush – We’re mining on CoinBase and Bittrex.

Date Crypto Per Coin Qty Fees Total
12-Dec-17 LTC $368.66 1.35 4 $500.00


We’re getting Ripple (XRP) next. This is where we track our progress.

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