Our net worth rose 8.77% in August. $588 of that came as third quarter dividends from our Betterment and Vanguard accounts. We’re averaging $224 in monthly dividend earnings this year even though we are not dividend investors.

We keep our investments simple (because we lack financial knowledge). We passively invest in Betterment (80/20 stocks to bond allocation) and in Vanguard (VTSAX and VTHRX).

Our mortgage dropped by 0.84% (shaving our mortgage by 2.25%). We have a 30 year mortgage that started in May. We would’ve gone with a 15 year one if I had known better.

We’ve hit 11.82% of our FI goal.

2 Thoughts on “Aug, 17”

  • Congrats on increasing your net worth! 9pct in one month is pretty amazing. I also regret not getting a 15 yr mortgage (and not refinancing before I moved and rented out the house). Someone gave me a tip to pay the mortgage in two payments instead of one to cut down interest over time. I might try that.

    • Thanks Millennial boss (I’m pretty sure I’ll never learn to spell that) – the first non-spam comment here. I love your podcasts.
      Ya, I read that as well – but my lender does now allow that to be automated. May be when I refinance to 15 years later.

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