CAGR Calculation

There’s a lot to learn from a poor portfolio. With no aptitude or the time to play the market, my best move was to move away from it*. I’ve since migrated to Betterment and Vanguard to much healthier results (more on that on a later post).

Of late, I’ve been thinking about liquidating this portfolio to fund my Vanguard account. CHL looks mediocre at first glace, but the 17.26% overall return does not include dividends.

With that said, CAGR (compound annual growth rate) = [(Selling Value (include dividends) / Purchase Value)^(1/number of years)] – 1. And if you’d rather use a CAGR Calculator.

Overall Return 32.59%
CAGR 7.31%

While a 7.31% (for sept, 2017, I took the average of all previous dividends) annualized return is still not on par with my mutual fund returns, I’m inclined to continue holding on to it.

*Redfin is the one exception. I made a wild speculation. I’ve actually used Redfin and like it a lot. What I didn’t know (and still don’t) is why the trade took four days to settle.

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